Book presentation: KULTUR[tagebau]LANDSCHAFT

Reading, understanding, designing and developing structures of open-cast mining

Date: 05.07.2022 19:00 h
Venue: Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus - Brandenburg State Museum of Modern Art, Am Amtsteich 15, 03046 Cottbus

Cultural landscapes of open-cast mining are characterized by their intensive use. Open-cast mining is not only a technical project in which landscapes are reshaped, but also a comprehensive social transformation. In view of the interactions between natural conditions and human influence, the authors' contributions approach the cultural landscapes of open-cast mining from different perspectives: these are presented as natural space, settlement space and cultural space and brought together in supra-regional, international and scientific observations from various disciplines.

This book presents extended perspectives on post-open cast mining landscapes. Understanding the special features of these historically evolved landscapes of structural change enables sustainable, participatory land use.

"Landscapes are emotions. These emotions are often an important reason to stay in a region. In order to develop positive emotions for such a changed landscape, such as the post-mining landscape, you have to read and understand the landscape." (Heidi Pinkepank)

The event is a cooperation with the Institut für Neue Industriekultur, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, the Sorbian institute and the L&H publishing house. The book will be presented at the Smoler'sche Buchhandlung in Bautzen on July 7.