Our training offer

The Institute for Heritage Management (IHM) offers a wide range of capacity building activities. Based on your needs, we recommend performing them on-site. A hybrid format, where theoretical approaches are conveyed via a video call, is also possible. 

Topics for capacity building offered by IHM include: 

- Attribute Mapping: How to identify attributes of Outstanding Universal Value and why the elaboration of an attribute map is central to protecting a property's heritage values

- Management Plans: How they are used and what to focus on it their preparation

- Strategic Objectives: How to develop clear strategic objectives that all relevant stakeholders identify with

- Stakeholder Involvement: Who to involve and how to get your stakeholders excited to be envolved

- Impact Assessment: When to carry out Impact Assessments and how to communicate their results to developpers and municipalities

You have specific needs or ideas for capacity building? Do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!