The Historic Promenades of Meran

The Historic Promenades of Meran

Meran | South Tirol | Italy

Project Duration: 2017-2018

Since March 2017, IHM cooperates with the city of Meran which requested an assessment of the perspectives for a potential World Heritage nomination of local forms of tangible cultural heritage. In the context of an initial feasibility study, IHM provided an analysis of the World Heritage potential of heritage sites which were identified and visited in spring 2017. During a local workshop, IHM also clarified the nomination process and the different steps and requirements for the preparation of nomination dossiers. The final report concluded with the recommendation that - from all the heritage sites considered in the study - the historic promenades of Meran had high World Heritage potential.

Following the results of the feasibility study, IHM was contracted to further assess the current state of conser­vation of the historic promenades in Meran and to provide a more detailed assessment of their World Heritage potential in the framework of an attribute mapping. To that end, IHM formulated a preliminary statement of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) and identified attributes portraying this OUV. In the course of two sur­veys, these attributes were documented in the field and mapped. Their present state of conservation was also recorded, allowing for an assessment of both authenticity and integrity. The report was finalised in August 2018. Based on the findings of this report, the city of Meran will be enabled to take an informed decision on the option of pursuing a World Heritage nomination centering on the historic promenades.

The Feasibility report and the Attribute Mapping were finalized in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Reference: Britta Rudolff & Susann Harder. Die Promenaden Merans: Erarbeitung des OUV & Attributkartierung. Cottbus: Institute for Heritage Management. 2018. (160 pages).


29 April 2021


Attribute Mapping, Feasibility Study, Capacity Building